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Fap Turbo Review: Automated Forex Trading Robot

Each and every one of us dreams of being able to double their investment in a single month without lifting a finger. Who wouldn’t love that easy money? This is what exactly what Fap TurboForex RobotForex Trading Software claims to be able to do, but is this reality or just fantastic marketing?

Fap Turbo does indeed perform profitable trades, and it can in fact make you a lot of money, but what the marketers won’t tell you is that it’s not “set it and forget it” like they claim. Trading with Forex Robots can be a very lucrative practice, but it requires knowledge. You can’t become rich for nothing (unless you collect taxes… ), but you can become rich with specialized knowledge of the right tools. People makes millions everyday because they know the right tools and how to use them. Work smarter, not harder.

Fap Turbo is no different than any other tool, before you can harness the amazing earning potential of this tool, you must understand its strengths as well as it’s limitations. The forums that you get access to as a member are an excellent resource. You will be able to learn everything you need to know to make Fap Turbo profitable in these forums.

Instead of slamming you with a bunch of marketing material, I will instead show you what you need to do to make Fap Turbo consistently profitable.

Fap Turbo uses a professional trading strategy that has proven effective in many market conditions. It has a long term strategy that trades less, but involves less risk and a short term scalper strategy which is the strategy that has the potential to double your money quickly.

Find the Broker with the Lowest Spread for when your Robot Trades

This is an absolute must, this one thing alone defines the performance of many Forex robots. Read the forums on the site. These forums have a lot of useful information including when your robot usually trades, and which brokers are the best for pip spread. Fap Turbo for example trades only a handful of currencies during early-morning Asian session where there is very low volatility and easily predictable price movement.

Don’t turn on the Robot during times of High Volatility

When the markets start whipsawing every which way, forex robots have a difficult time trading. Simply do not trade on big news days if you rely solely on the robot, there is no reason to risk it.


I can’t stress this enough, some forex robots are actually popular enough to sway a trade during times of extremely low volatility. Imagine 10,000 robots simultaneously executing an order because they all have the same settings. This is one reason that the Fap Turbo team releases new versions of slightly modified trading strategies regularly. So that there isn’t a great number of robots with the same exact settings trading simultaneously. You should learn enough about the basics of trading to understand how to change the settings of the robot. Alternatively if you purchase Fap Turbo using my links, email your Fap Turbo receipt to support@forexrobotreviews.org and I will send you some settings that I have created and have worked well for me in the past.

Have Reasonable Stoploss and Risk Settings

Do not let the robot automatically place your stoploss. Some robots have a feature where they only place the stop loss when the price reaches a certain point. You want to make sure the robot places a fixed stop loss on every trade. If you automate and for some reason your computer is down when your stoploss normally would’ve been hit you can stand to lose some money. This can be fixed if you purchase a Forex VPS, and this can be a good option if you don’t want your computer running 24/5. Additionally, use what you have learned about risk management and lot size to set reasonable risk management rules for your robot.

Use it on a Practice Account First!

It is of vital importance that you learn everything there is to know about these Forex robots before you use them on a live account. They require the meta-trader 4 platform. Which is not as new-trader friendly as some of the other trading platforms.

When you sign up for a Metatrader 4 practice account, you must give your forex robot a reasonable yet realistic amount of capital to start with. If you give a Forex robot $500 to work with it doesn’t have a lot of room to trade. Using proper risk management rules, set it up to trade with at least $1000-$2000 on your practice account. Tweak the robot’s parameters until you find it is consistently pulling in good gains. Then you can risk trading with real money.

Little pieces of information like this help you to choose the right settings for the currency you are trading. You don’t have to be a master trader to use Fap Turbo, but you must master the robot before it will make the money that you desire. There is a reason why this is the best selling Forex Robot of all time, it can most definitely work, but you need to use it properly.


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